Keith Coventry

Coventry, Keith

Widely admired for his work which takes aspects of modernism and grafting them on to socio-political issues, Coventry appropriates global symbols of junk culture – the golden McDonald's arch, in particular – and recontextualises them, inviting the viewer to consider these logos afresh in a gallery context. Working in white monochrome, or colour, he hones in on the curves of the infamous 'M', cropping, recasting and framing, to striking minimalist compositions.

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    Keith Coventry
    Pure Junk

    Keith Coventry: Pure Junk, 2018
    Hardcover linen
    24 x 30 x 1.5 cm

    Artworks by Keith Coventry
    Design and layout by Alex Daniels
    Introduction by Sir Norman Rosenthal
    Photography by Damian Griffiths

    Edition of 750
    Published by Reflex Editions
    112 pages
    ISBN 978-90-71848-28-5
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