Reflex Amsterdam is looking forward to participating in the 2019 edition of Expo Chicago

Booth 472, Navy Pier, Chicago, 19-22 September

The gallery will be attending with a carefully curated presentation of work by Helen Beard, Todd Hido, Iris Schomaker, Gavin Turk, Joel Morrison and Keith Coventry.

A number of works have come straight from the artists' studios, including drawings by Iris Schomaker that have been produced especially for the fair. These previously unseen works are part of Schomaker’s body of work, which is a continuous search for balance of lines and geometric surfaces. Quiet in nature, these works on paper embody a self-reflective quality, encouraging the viewer to return to a state of repose. A number of small drawings will be on view alongside Schomaker's large drawings.

Helen Beard has also been working on a new painting for the fair titled The Butterfly Effect and a selection of small studies. Beard's work is characterised by the use of bright colours and strong surface application. Softness is brought back to the work by the visuality of the brush strokes creating a fascinating tension. This is the first time that Beard's work will be shown at a fair in the US.

Additionally, we will also be bringing a work by Gavin Turk, who has an upcoming show at the gallery opening on October 19th. Throughout his oeuvre, Turk’s has explored the symbolism of the egg, as well as its role in art, raising questions about the discipline and the role of the artist as a creator. Holy Egg (Large Green Copper) is part of a series of appropriations of Lucio Fontana's Fine di Dio (The End of God). Turk's series plays with notions of the authenticity of art as well as the aura of the artwork, alluding to the religious symbolism associated with the egg as well as to a long-standing historical relationship between art and religion, iconography and iconoclasm.

A work from Keith Coventry's Pure Junk series will be on display as well. Coventry's all-white minimalist take on McDonald's iconic logo disrupts modernism's purity with references to fast food. In doing so, the artist juxtaposes the high-brow nature of art and craftsmanship with mass consumerism - the one thing uniting the two being the universality of their visual language.

Todd Hido's profoundly beautiful and arresting collection of images from his series Bright Black World will also be part of our presentation. These scenic landscape photographs are the results of Hido's exploration of the northern hemisphere in the impenetrable depths of winter. Their haunting beauty is a hommage to nature in its raw state and is simultaneously charged with narrative. One of the works is a previously unpublished and unseen work, that was especially made available by Hido for our presentation at the fair.

Finally, we will have a sculpture by Joel Morrison on view at our booth. The polished stainless steel reflects the paintings and photographs surrounding it and ultimately pulls them together in its curves and surfaces. His sculptures are, as he puts it “far from monochrome. These are paintings that are always changing – appropriately for our ADD, time-poor world.”

A selection of works from other artists represented by the gallery will be viewable upon request, including recent works by Brian Fahlstrom and David LaChapelle.

Reflex Amsterdam is participating in Expo Chicago and Unseen Amsterdam simultaneously that weekend. Please click here for more information on our participation in Unseen Amsterdam.

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