Duchamp did it first, 101 years ago, with his urinal. By recasting a utilitarian object as a work of art, he opened up the world to seeing things differently, and caused tremors that shook the core of the art world that are still being felt today.

Reflex gallery is proud to present an exciting group exhibition with a selection of diverse works by some of the most exciting practitioners of contemporary art from around the globe. ‘In Times of Plenty: The Shape of Things Today’ also takes everyday objects as its starting point. But this time, by recasting them in a gallery setting, these artists are asking us to question, not only the nature of art, but more the nature of our contemporary society, with its rampant consumerism, disposable culture and overexposure to iconic brands.

Selected artworks

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Participating Artists

Press Features

  • 196A6255_revC3
    25 July 2018

    Trofeeën van onze consumptie | in Het Parool