Since 1985 Yasumasa Morimura has been taking self-portraits, in which the artist assumes the roles of others. Using props, costumes, prosthetics, cosmetics, and digital manipulation the conceptual photographer and filmmaker recreates iconic images of artworks, photographs, film, the mass-media, and pop culture.

Selected Works

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    Yasumasa Morimura
    On Self-Portrait: Through the Looking-Glass

    Yasumasa Morimura: On Self-Portrait. Through the Looking-Glass, 2008
    Hardcover with book binding
    24.4 x 20.5 x 2 cm

    Artworks by Yasumasa Morimura
    Design and layout by Alex Daniels
    Introduction by Yasumasa Morimura

    Edition of 1500
    Published by Reflex Editions
    156 pages
    ISBN 978-90-71848-04-9
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