Barry Reigate


Reigate's work is a powerful, eclectic and visually mind-blowing mix of symbolic pop imagery, geometrical design and multi-dimensional painterliness. Often on a large scale, with several components layered in spray paint, oil, pencil and other media, these stunningly arresting works both amuse and disturb, repel and seduce.

Selected Works

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Press Features

  • 63115-800w
    06 March 2014

    Barry Reigate for Louis Vuitton

  • full
    08 March 2014

    Barry Reigate for Stella McCartney

  • elephant20-l-217122_slide
    17 October 2014

    Barry Reigate | Q&A by Elephant Magazine

  • IMGL3712
    16 October 2014

    Barry Reigate | ?One Cannot Get Fingerprints From A Rock?

  • found-57cebca63a1e5-57cebd1f78a8c
    06 September 2016

    My Inspiration: Architect Richard Found on his love of painter Barry Reigate

  • barry-reigate-mural
    01 November 2016

    Barry Reigate makes 220-foot-long mural for department store Saks Fifth Avenue in New York

  • cosmic-waddle
    15 February 2017

    Barry Reigate | Do Zombies Dance to Love in C Minor? at Castor Projects, London