Stella McCartney Winter 2010 from VooDooDog,Animation,Design on Vimeo.

StyledOn favorite Stella McCartney has tapped British artist Barry Reigate to illustrate her fall ad campaign. We love everything Stella and naturally had to find out a bit more about what Mr. Reigate is all about.

Clockwise: Stella McCartney Fall 2010 Ad; Happiness, Paradise Row, London, 2007, two installation views

We love artist collaborations, and whether they result in a limited-edition new handbag collection or an interesting ad campaign, they always intrigue us. For Stella McCartney's Fall 2010 ad campaign, the designer has tapped British artist Barry Reigate to illustrate the ads featuring the always stunning Natalia Vodianova (who was shot by Mert Alas andMarcus Piggott).

McCartney told WWD she was after ?something direct and simple, using Nataliaand key collection pieces, contrasted by humor and a human touch in the treatment of the logo.? McCartney is no stranger to the art world and has worked with artists including Robert Crumb, and last fall her campaigns featured the classic cast of Walt Disney Bambi. This time, instead of featuring familiar Disney characters, the ads feature Reigate's cartoonish lettering, top hats, paint splotches, pumpkins and spiders, which appear all over McCartney logo and the clothing (which includes some of our favorite pieces from her runway show including the latest pieces to hit Net-a-porter).

Untitled, 2008, ink on paper, framed, 42 x 32 cm; Stella McCartney Fall 2010 Ad

McCartney's choice to work with Reigate is a bit surprising as his paintings often disseminate a hilarious bachelor night bravado, where disembodied breasts, party favorites, and cartoon ephemera become the objects of satiation for fumbling, letchy Mickey Mouse hands (which you'll see in the ads alongside his famous "rainbows"). Presenting the macho fetishism of painting with a humorous twist, Reigate embraces the abjection of Philip Guston, George Condo, and Sean Landers; his debased subject providing a critical allegory for art historical attitudes as well as current cultural zeitgeist. In other words, Reigate work is pop porn at its best.

Born in free-spirited year of1971, the young British artist is best known for his genitalia obsession. Often times, Reigate's work features lovable cartoon characters with huge willies painted and re-painted in a crapulent excess of infantilized paint, smeared onto canvas using bright nursery colors. Fun and lively, but there is also with a considerable amount of despair present in his work. Basically, if you like Murakami, you'll probably like Reigate too.

The latest campaign will break in the September issues of British, French and Italian Vogue, Love, Another Magazineand V Magazine.

And if you could collaborate with any artist, whom would you like to work with?

Barry Reigate