by Chantal Joffe

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Archival Pigment Print
Image size: 130x103 cm
Limited edition of 15 

Joffe has a 'disorder' in the sense that, working within the often anti-intuitive context of contemporary art, she not only seeks the truth of human emotions, but does so with unfashionable compassion and humanity. Diligently, thoughtfully, she attends to the one thing that is of most visual interest to human beings and their visual artists: the face - or, perhaps we should say, to the emotions and feelings as the face reveals and expresses them.

Joffe's expressive works in oils and watercolours, which frequently drip, smudge, and blur, capture Kristen at ease, in the contemplative mode of a life-model relaxing into a long pose; the accompanying black and white images taken by Aldridge during those sessions pay homage to that naturalism.

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About Chantal Joffe

Chantal Joffe (Vermont, USA, 1969) brings an astonishing insight, integrity, and emotional force to the genre of figurative art. With the deceptively casual brushstrokes – whether in images a few inches square or ten feet high – Joffe combines fluidity with a pragmatic approach to seduce and disarm her audience.

Almost always depicting women or girls, Joffe’s paintings only loosely adhere to their source – be it a photograph, magazine page, or even a reflection in the mirror –  reminding us that distortions of scale and form can often make a subject seem more real. 

Renowned for her large oil paintings, which often involve women and children in understated situations, Joffe's soulful images of women drill deep into the psyche, creating an emotionally and psychologically charged atmosphere.

"I suppose all along all I ever really wanted to do was paint people. That never changed."

The photograph you see here is a picture of the large painting which the print is based on. The print is part of a collaboration between photographer Miles Aldridge and Joffe. Aldridge invited Joffe to explore the theme of ‘the artist and model’. The resulting works in colour and black and white photographs, ink and pencil drawings and paintings in watercolour and oils create a fascinatingly obsessive and emotional study of one woman: the model Kristen McMenamy.