This summer Jerwood Gallery welcomes leading British artist and YBA (Young British Artist) Marcus Harvey to their gallery for his largest UK public gallery exhibition to date.

Inselaffe, will centre around Harvey's most recent paintings, ceramics and bronze sculptures which forge motifs and emblems of Britishness, such as military memorabilia and joke shop knick-knacks into collaged portraits of historical figures - from Nelson to Margaret Thatcher and from Napoleon to Tony Blair.

?Inselaffe? is a German word meaning ?Island Monkeys? and is used, perhaps derogatively but mostly light heartedly, to describe the people of England. It derives from a tongue in cheek theory that evolution must have stalled in the UK, as British people behave in such a yobbish manner.

This exhibition features tough but humorous sculpture, unapologetic and brash, political yet ambiguous, considered and painterly, and reflects on Harvey's concerns of national identity and masculinity - "It is partly to wrest something from the all-pervading guilt over colonial misdemeanours and in part to ironize an overly romantic valuation of the past. The sentiment seems to be in equal measure irony and affection.?

Part of Hastings? Root 1066 Festival.

Image: Marcus Harvey, Maggie Island, 2016 © Prudence Cuming Associates. Courtesy the artist / Vigo Gallery