Few photographers are more familiar with Detroit in decline than Andrew Moore, who spent two years amid the city architectural ruins for his book ?Detroit Disassembled.? So when the magazine commissioned him to work on the July 13 cover story about post-post-apocalyptic Detroit, Moore was glad to document the shift in Detroit down-and-out narrative. ??It really extraordinary to see the change that has happened in just six years,?? Moore says. ??The downtown is so vibrant now, and the hum of activity is absolutely different than it was.??

To get his cover image, Moore shot downtown Detroit from the Compuware World Headquarters, which has a great view; the rose-colored tint was created digitally. Moore says his pictures are a way to show Detroit next transformation. If his earlier work is about how an urban landscape was transformed by neglect, this recent work is about ??how people have come to change and remake the city.??