The artist and writer Harland Miller is known for his large-scale, playful reworkings of Penguin book covers.

Miller takes much-loved book jackets of classic works by Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, Edgar Allen Poe and others as his starting point. By rendering them in oils at poster size with quirky new titles, he transforms them into contemporary, often satirical commentaries on life and literature. Whether ironic, nostalgic, or downright cheeky - "Dirty Northern Bastard," by DH Lawrence, or "I'm so Fucking Hard," by Hemmingway - the titles demythologise and amuse in equal measure.

Selected Works

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  • Wherever You Are, Whatever You're Doing, This One's For You

  • Infinity That's All Very Well as Far as It Goes!

  • Who Cares Wins

  • The Me I Never Knew

  • Confessions of a Crap Artist

  • ...But What I Would Have Dearly Loved Once More, to Fill a Trembling Body with Stars and Fall Down Dead Beside It

  • I Am The One I've Been Waiting For

  • There's More To Life Than Catch Phrases

  • Blonde But Not Forgotten

  • Last Among Equals

  • Rocky VI - There Are No Winners in a Game for Losers

  • A Fist to Cry On

  • I Don't Sleep, So I Don't Dream, So I Don't Wake Up Crying

  • Can I Get Involved in Your Crisis?

  • Death - What's in It for Me?

  • Incurable Romantic Seeks Dirty Filthy Whore

  • It Was Hell Says Former Child

  • Somebody Down There Likes Me

  • Death - What's in It for Me?

  • Love Saves The Day

  • Wake Up and Smell the Coffin

  • Who Cares Wins

  • International Lonely Guy

  • I've Been Down But This Is Ridiculous

  • International Lonely Guy

  • Life's Too Long

  • A Fist to Cry On


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    Harland Miller
    I'll Never Forget What I Can't Remember

    Harland Miller: I'll Never Forget What I Can't Remember, 2010
    Hardcover linen with dust jacket
    24 x 34 x 2 cm

    Artworks by Harland Miller
    Book and cover design by Alex Daniels
    Introduction by Michael Wilson
    Conversation between Harland Miller and Ashley Bickerton
    Photography by Steven White, Todd-White Art Photography, Ferry Andre de La Porte

    Published by Reflex Editions
    154 pages
    ISBN 978-90-71848-10-0
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    Harland Miller
    Wherever You Are Whatever You're Doing This One's For You

    Harland Miller: Wherever You Are Whatever You're Doing This One's For You, 2013
    Hardcover linen with white foil-stamp
    24x24x2 cm

    Artworks by Harland Miller
    Book and cover design by Alex Daniels
    Introduction by Hari Kunzru
    Photography by Todd-White Art Photography, Ben Westoby and Prudence Cuming

    Published by Reflex Editions
    124 pages
    ISBN 978-90-71848-17-9
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