Daniel Spoerri


Swiss artist Daniel Spoerri may best be known for his tableaux-pièges, but his bronze works from the 1990s are equally, if not more, fascinating. Spoerri has created bronze sculptures since 1974, choosing the steadfast medium as a contrast to the old objects that he uses in assembling his casts. 

Idol (1990) was made around the time that Spoerri purchased a country estate on a mountain near Seggiano, where Spoerri's sculpture garden, Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri, is located today. The work resonates with the artist's earlier work, such as his Ethnosynchretisms (1984 onwards), assemblages of ethnographic objects, its genealogy eventually visible in his later Prillwitz Idols (2006-2008). A cast of Idol can be found in the Giardino.

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