• Who Cares Wins – Large

Harland Miller

Who Cares Wins – Large

Size 136 x 110 cm
edition 50
Silkscreen, 15 colour print
Somerset Tub Sized 410 gsm paper
Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.

This silkscreen print is part of a series by Harland Miller in which he adopts the image of a Penguin Classics paperback book jacket from the 60s. The painted vertical bands of red either side of the book’s title, which signify the genre ‘Theater and Plays’, become emotive and textural colour fields here. With their dripping paint and smudgy blurring, they have more in common with the aesthetic of Rothko than the uniformity of a mass-produced paperback.

Excerpt from a Q&A by Carl Hindmarch with Harland Miller About WHO CARES WINS:

Here, in an excerpt taken from a forthcoming biography ‘LAST OF THE HEAVY BREATHERS’, Miller talks about the work Who Cares Wins, where he was when he made it, and who he was and how these aspects of the artists life facilitated the making of the work.

HM: …When it comes to the dust jacket stuff y’know the book series, I’m never sure I should talk about them too much, but I can say a little about this one, but in general I prefer not to.
CH: Why not?
HM: Because of the text, the texts I’ve discovered have a personal meaning for people – I didn’t realise how personal until people started writing to me to tell me about them and these meanings, what the work evokes for them, can be as various as there are people looking at it. Of course it does have a specific meaning to me but I wouldn’t want that to define the work so that it couldn’t be interpreted in any other way by any other person who was looking at it. I can talk about the form of the work though. That, very evidently is a blown up paperback, and the scaling up is meant to imply some comment on the content of the book – or what is perceived to be a book.
CH: What does scale imply upon the work that we have just been looking at WHO CARES WINS – you said you could talk about this particular title.
HM: A little yes; the scale is an intensifier – it makes the statement much bigger, it becomes a harder thing to duck, we all have these personal maxims that make us wince a bit when we don’t live up to them – at least I do.

This title works on that level very well, and it can be directed outwardly as a reminder or rebuke or it can be a personal statement, or it could be ‘Who cares…. wins’ you know like ‘who cares’ as in ‘who gives a damn’ and that self serving attitude makes you a winner – lets hope its not that, but thats one possible construction you could put upon it… I made this work at the time when my dad was dying… when you hear it – as its obviously a play on the well known saying WHO DARES WINS you hear that too – subconsciously you hear that and your processing the two things together – I wouldn’t say they were exact opposites but WHO DARES has a boastful kind of bravado about it which ‘caring’ doesn’t, I think it imports a little of that dashing romance into the realm of sensitivity… I don’t have many titles like that.

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