Daido Moriyama


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The city Tokyo? An urban melting pot filled with contradictions – hissing, chaotic and vibrant, fully submerged in an everlasting process of change, metamorphoses and transformation. Faces unexpectedly pop up to disappear again in a crowd that is always on the move. Turmoil, vitality, disorder and potency are the city’s hallmarks. The fascination of vibrant city life with all its extremes has not left photography untouched.

Talking about Tokyo and photography it is impossible not to think immediately of Daido Moriyama, one of Japan’s major photographers with an great influence on the development of contemporary photography.

This book contains a selection of photos taken by Moriyama taken in several parts of the city.

Introduction by Marcel Feil, deputy director artistic affairs, Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam

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ISBN: 9789080553194

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