• Skull – Glass Paintings

Marcus Harvey

Skull – Glass Paintings

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44 x 44 cm (Paper size)
Giclée colour print on White Velvet Hahnemühle paper
Each print is signed and numbered
Edition of 15

The print “Skull” is released on the occasion of the exhibition “Glass-Paintings”. Through the prism of a textured glass door, mysterious objects are partly obscured – in this work it is a human skull, paying homage to the Dutch tradition of still life and vanitas painting.

British artist Marcus Harvey (born 1963) made his name at the groundbreaking “Sensation” show at London’s Royal Academy of Arts in 1997 with his unforgettable large-scale portrait of serial killer Myra Hyndley, made from child-size hand-prints. The work earned him instant national and international acclaim. One of the first generation of Young British Artists, Harvey graduated from Goldsmiths College in 1986.

For the exhibition “Glass-Paintings” Marcus Harvey has been constructing door panel and window paintings, looking into domestic settings, depicted in a photo-realist manner. Distorted through patterned glass, it creates the sense of being the voyeur to an audience. Influenced by Edward Hopper’s darkly painted scenes, these paintings become peeping-tom like, intruding onto private, intimate moments, influenced by themes of domesticity and voyeurism.

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