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Nobuyoshi Araki


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29,7 x 36 x 3,6 (Box size)
26 x 34 cm (Photograph size)

This limited edition contains 2 prints signed and numbered by the artist, 1 DVD of the documentary “Arakimentary”and 1 book published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Kaori’
Edition of 60

This special limited edition is dedicated to the enchanting dancer, model and artist Kaori, Araki’s life long muse. Araki first began to photograph Kaori at about the same time that he established his relationship with the gallery.

In an age of digital manipulation, Araki instead uses an extremely manual, hands-on technique to create a new celebration of feminine beauty. Kaori becomes a buoyant symbol of joy, hope and freedom. Every moment deserves our attention, no scene is without beauty and no pleasure is forbidden.

The choice of images consists of Kaori in a transparent gown, mirrored from the side, which creates a double portrait effect. The second photograph is a lizard crawling over 2 pink orchids. The reptile is a typical appearance in Araki’s oeuvre, and stands for his alter ego, whereas the photographer himself often compares women with flowers. The combination of the two photographs reflects Araki’s world full of connotations.

The book is composed as a diary of this unusual relationship with a fable of an erotic adventure. Although the photographer/artist is always Nobuyoshi Araki, and while the model and muse Kaori from Tokyo, the story is not as simple as that. There is no beginning to speak of, nor is it your usual narrative, complete with a happy ending. Instead we are presented with a multi-faceted series of portraits of Araki’s harem of one.

The introduction to this book has been written by Jonathan Turner.

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