Nobuyoshi Araki

It Was Once A Paradise

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Book size (in cm): 34,5 x 24,5 x 2
Sort Book: Hardcover with Dust Jacket and Book Binding
Pages: 95
Number of photographs: 90
Year of publication: 2011
Total pages: 95

Nobuyoshi Araki is arguably Japan’s greatest living photographer. His inexhaustible creative energy is attested to by mo re than 400 books he has published in the last four decades. His works are held in numerous museum collections including the Tate Modern London, and the San Francisco Museum of Mo dern Art.

The diptychs are carefully selected by Araki, com bining black & white images from his private diary with colour bondage photographs. The black and white images of the diptychs are taken in Araki’s garden; they are still lifes of objects which reminds the artist of what used to be ‘his’ paradise the place where he used to spend time with his wife Yoko and his cat Chiro.

This book is published with two different covers. With essays by Marcel Feil, Deputy Director Artistic Affairs at FOAM | Photography Museum Amsterdam and Robbert Roos, chief Curator Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort.

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