• Journey For Something (Eros Or Something Other Than Eros)

Daido Moriyama

Journey For Something (Eros Or Something Other Than Eros)

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35 x 25 x 3 cm (Book size)
39 x 33 x 5,5 cm (Box size)
25 x 20 cm (Print size)
37 x 31 cm (Size incl. matte)

This edition includes 1 gelatin silver print, “Eros Or Something Other Than Eros (Brigitte Bardot)”, and 1 hardcover book published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Journey For Something’ with essays by Erik Kessels and dr. Matthias Harder, Chief Curator of the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin.

Book is signed and print is signed and numbered by the artist.
All artworks are housed in a handmade linen slipcase.
Edition 40

Moriyama’s extensive oeuvre has been for the most part a love letter to Shinjuku, the bustling area of Tokyo where businessmen, tourists, prostitutes and hipsters jostle the brightly lit streets. The business and political epicenter of Japan, Shinjuku is also home to the city’s vices – the entertainment district Kabukicho, notorious for its gangster activity, brothels and strip clubs. His strikingly grainy black and white images harness this cocktail of rawness and power, its electric energy and its seedy underbelly. With an eye for the unusual or the absurd, whether in his still life work, or in his images of New York or continental Europe, there is also a playful edge to Moriyama’s work that brings to mind the surrealist photographers of the 1920s.

Text taken from the introduction “Tokyo Drifter” written by Marcel Feil (Deputy Director of Artistic Affairs of Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam) for the book “Tokyo” (Reflex Editions Amsterdam).

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