• Dirt Meridian
  • Dirt Meridian

Andrew Moore

Dirt Meridian

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42 x 51 cm (Print size)
43 x 53 cm (Box size)
This special limited edition contains 2 colour prints, printed on C-print paper, from the series ‘Dirt Meridian’: ‘Simple Simon School House Museum’ and ‘Oldsmobile’.
The prints are signed and numbered by the artist on reverse.
All artworks are housed in a luxury handmade linen portfolio.
Limited edition of 20

Ten years in the making, Andrew Moore’s “Dirt Meridian” series is an extraordinarily powerful survey of the American heartland captured largely from a low aerial perspective.

The show takes its title from the 100th meridian, the line of longitude that divides the US in two, comprising the expanses of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. These are the “fly-over states”, as they are known, vast overlooked territories, often only glimpsed from the oval window of a transcontinental flight. Moore’s large-scale photographic tapestries of arid plains, toiled farmland, isolated homesteads, as well as portraits of the people that live there, are a homage to pioneer spirit, and a fast-fading way of life. Technically innovative, the images were taken with a digital camera attached to a low-flying aircraft, piloted by a local crop-duster, covering often hundreds of miles per day.

A chronicler of cities in particular, from a decaying and weed-strewn Detroit, to a shiny, bombastic Abu Dhabi, Moore’s oeuvre captures the urban booms and busts of our time. Based in New York, he has exhibited all over the world, in around 50 solo shows.

Andrew Moore is winner of the Guggenheim Fellowship 2014. His work is in numours collections such as Whitney Museum of American Art, San Francisco MOMA, The Smithsonian Institute, the National Gallery of Art Washington, Los Angeles County Museum, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, George Eastman House, Museum of Fine Arts Houston and many others.

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