• It Was Once A Paradise – Diptych, Sky
  • It Was Once A Paradise – Diptych, Sky
  • It Was Once A Paradise – Diptych, Sky
  • It Was Once A Paradise – Diptych, Sky

Nobuyoshi Araki

It Was Once A Paradise – Diptych, Sky

37 x 28 x 4,5 cm (Box size)
51 x 30 cm (Photograph size)
This edition contains 1 diptych signed and numbered, and one book ‘It Was Once A Paradise’
1 diptych (2 photographs)
Edition of 40

This edition has been produced at the occasion of the exhibition “It Was Once A Paradise”. This edition reflects in smaller size and in the most precious way the unique concept of this fresh body of work, showing for the first time Araki’s personal combinations of black&white and colour photographs.

In this series Araki selects and combines shots of his private balcony (black & white), which used to be the place of happiness with his passed away wife Yoko and cat Chiro, with the bondage photography (colour).

‘Kinbaku’ (bondage) literally means ‘the beauty if tight binding’. The pleasure is almost as important as the ‘process’ of binding itself and the aesthetical patterns that are created with the ropes. Like the black photographs taken on the balcony, with dinosaurs, sculptures, flowers and other plastic objects, there is a load of connotations.

In “It Was Once A Paradise” there is a strong undercurrent: melancholy. No matter how playful, gay, naughty, provocative, liberating or shameless the pictures are, there is always the ‘abstract’ element of melancholy lurking somewhere in a corner. Death might win over Eros in the real world, but in Araki’s world Eros will always win, with women dominating the center.

Araki: “Meeting a woman anywhere teaches you more about the world than reading Balzac. Whether it be a wife, a woman encountered by happenstance, or a prostitute, she will teach you about the world. In fact I build my life on meeting women and I have hardly read a book since primary school.  I think that all the attractions in life are implied in women. There are many essential elements: beauty, disgust, obscenity, purity … much more than one finds in nature. In woman, there is sky and sea. In woman, there is the flower and the bud…”

– from the essay by Robbert Roos, Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort; in the book “It Was Once A Paradise”, Reflex Editions Amsterdam

The edition set “Sky” contains a combination of a sky-scape and a bondage.

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