Miles Aldridge has recently been asked to shoot a cover story for Time Magazine. His photographs will be seen in the June 29th edition: 'Nip. Tuck. Or Else.' This cover story consists out of a series of photographs about plastic surgery. Above, you can see the result of the photographer for Time Magazine.


Behind The Interview:

When TIME asked fashion photographer Miles Aldridge to shoot the magazine's latest cover, about plastic surgery, he took a piece of paper and started sketching his ideas.

Seen side-by-side with his final images, Aldridge's sketches are a testament to the photographer's clear vision?one he has perfected over the years in his personal work.

?I always do sketches for my photography, I find it's a very helpful way to imagine the photograph without having to do it all in a studio, live,? he tells TIME. ?My images are designed so they kind of need to be drawn and sketched out.?

As the son of the graphic designer Alan Aldridge, who created iconic album covers for the Rolling Stones, The Who and Elton John, Aldridge always had a predisposition for illustration. ?I?ve always wanted to be an illustrator like my father,? he says. ?I went to art school and achieved those aims, but I came out and found illustration itself to be quite boring and quite lonely. As a young man in his early 20s, just being locked up in a studio with watercolors seemed to be the wrong thing. So I thought, Maybe I?ll be a film director.?

So Aldridge started directing music videos, leaving his lonely studio for a film set with 50 people. ?It was quite a different kind of existence,? he says. ?But in the end, I found pop videos not satisfactory as far as image-making, because you always had to compromise between what you wanted to do and what [you could do].?

That's when Aldridge turned to photography, using his past experiences to enrich his vision. ?I did a drawing in advance, I thought maybe I could take control of that energy, and that's what I did,? he says. ?I decided quite early on that I wanted to own my pictures,? he says. ?I wanted them ...

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