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About the artist

1938 Born in San Jose, California Currently lives and works in Hayward, California Education 1963
B.A. in Industrial Arts, California State University, Chico, California

Grants and Fellowships
1977-80 Nationals Endowment for the Arts 74
1976, 1978 John Simon Guggenheim Fellowships

Bill Owens

Request about this work
40 x 30 cm
Silver gelatin print
Chinese Workers
from the series I Do It For The Money
30 x 40 cm
Silver gelatin print
Primadonna Reno
from the series Leisure
30 x 40 cm
Silver gelatin print
from the series Leisure
30 x 40 cm
Silver gelatin print
from the series Leisure
30 x 40 cm
Silver gelatin print

Other Projects

Welch, Nancy. The Road from Prosperity. Dallas: Southern Methodist University Press, 2005 (Book cover)
Dick, Philip K. Le Zappeur de Mones, Voyager Dans La Science-Fiction Avec Philip K.
Dick. Paris: La Quinnzaine Litteraire-Louis Vuitton, 2004 (Book illustrations)
Livermore the Movie-documentary movie by Rachel Raney and Davis Murray (aired on PBS, November 25, 2003)
Martinson, Tom. American Dreamscape: The Pursuit of Happiness in Postwar Suburbia.
New York: Carroll & Graf Publishers Inc., 2000 (Book cover)
VH-1 Rock story: Good Concerts Gone Bad (Altamont) 2000
The Critereon Collection/Janus Films (DVD special edition of “Gimme Shelter”) 2000
Powers, J.F. Wheat That Springeth Green. New York: Review Books Classics, 2000 (Book cover)
Updike, John. Rabbit redux. New Jersey: Penguin Press, 1995 (Book cover)
CBS Records-Photography for Eddie Money (front and back cover of Record Album, 1980)


Museum of Modern Art, New York
Whitney Museum of American Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art
The J.P. Getty Museum
Center for Creative Photography
National Museum of American Art
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art
Los Angeles County Art Museum
Berkeley Art Museum
Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris
Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm
Oakland Museum
San Jose Museum
Santa Barbara Art Museum
Crocker Art Museum
Polaroid Collection
California Museum of Photography
Spencer Museum of Art
Kalamazoo Institute
Herbert F Johnson Museum
International Center for Photography
Light Work
St Louis Art Museum
The Minneapolis Institute of Art
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Harvard University